July 15-17
New York, NY

How disruptive HR in Financial Services
is delivering
commercial impact now &
leading agile businesses into a digital future




Jamie Kopsachilis
Chief Operating Officer & Head of HR Operations
Société Générale

LEAP: Inside a low cost, high impact digital approach to transform engagement in the financial services organization of the future

Mark Bocianski
Global Head of Talent & Learning
Western Union

Mark Reid
most recently Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: Challenging traditional thinking in financial services to create an agile, flexible workplace that transforms retention, delivery and bottom line impact

Jeff Hood
Executive Vice President Human Resources
Citizens Bank

LEAP: Accelerating the digital fitness of your workforce to build a faster, smarter, more future-focused financial services business from within

Luis Rojas
Head of HR Strategy and Planning, Consumer Lending Group
Wells Fargo

LEAP: "Applying lessons learned from the front line of HR transformation in financial services."

Jacqueline Welch
Chief Human Resources Officer
Freddie Mac

LEAP: How to make innovation happen in a financial services institution where risk aversion is built into its DNA

Blanca Cofino
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: Inside the $6bn financial services start-up transforming an established player into a digital leader

Fatima Beach
Chief People Officer

LEAP: Replicating an award winning tech culture inside a financial services business which inspires brilliant people to join and want to stay

Peter Vultaggio
Head of Talent Management and Change Management
Silicon Valley Bank

LEAP: 10 vital levers to help you increase the change capacity of your organization and your people to prepare for a future financial services industry

Julia Kellogg
Chief People Officer
North American Bancard

LEAP: “Challenging traditional thinking in order to build a simpler, faster, more engaging financial technology company”

Tracey Abut
Head of People

LEAP: Reimagining the financial services workplace of the future to drive performance and win the battle for future digital talent

Wendy Mullen
Chief Human Resources Officer
First Manhattan Co.

LEAP: What lessons can large and small financial services firms learn from each other to allow them to transform HR impact?

Kate Etinger
Chief Human Resources Officer,
Bank Leumi

LEAP: Challenging traditional thinking to transform a long-established commercial bank into an engine of innovation, entrepreneurship and growth

Martin Wild
People Development Consultant

LEAP: "Rethinking leadership development to prepare the next generation of leaders for a financial services future we can’t yet see."

Nate McMahon
Vice President People Technology
Motley Fool

LEAP: The Fool’s Formula: How Motley Fool has built a smarter, faster business by breaking the embedded hierarchy of ideas

Angie Wilen
Head of HR Innovation
Freddie Mac

LEAP: How to make innovation happen in a financial services institution where risk aversion is built into its DNA

Cecilia Lee
Head of Talent Acquisition
AIG Life & Retirement

Kerri Faber
Vice President Human Resources

Laura Scherban
Global Head of Talent Acquisition
Brown Brothers Harriman

LEAP: Rethinking the way we build an inclusive workforce by offering flexible opportunities for underrepresented demographics

Michael Shipman
Vice President, Director Talent & Organizational Development
Rockland Trust

Jenny Orr
Head of Training Infrastructure & Technology
Discover Financial Services

LEAP: How completely rethinking high-volume recruitment has dramatically increased flexibility and added vital business agility

Peggy Altherr
Director of Customer Success

Joy Henry
General Manager – Financial & Business Services

Lexy Martin
Principal Research and Customer Value

Damon Klotz
Lead Product Marketing Manager

Sean Stowers
Director of Learning Services

Maria Rosploch
Vice President Strategic Human Resources

Gareth Pearce
Managing Director, LEAP HR
Hanson Wade