September 10-11, 2019

New York City, NY

Speaker Faculty 2018


Lexy Martin
Principal, Research & Customer Value

Wei-Li Chong

Cara Capretta
Vice President – HCM Transformation Practice

Ariana Dugan
Director of Education Product Management
General Assembly

Tanya Ezekiel
CEO and Executive Coach

Jennifer Straus
Head of People Operations Strategy

LEAP: “Creating a scalable culture of constant learning in financial services.”

Chuck Olsson
Chief Human Resources Officer
First United Bank & Trust

LEAP: “Reshaping performance management to support our highest performers, not our lowest.”

Jim Minogue
Chief Human Resources Officer
Guggenheim Partners

LEAP: “Radically rethinking how we do performance management in financial services today.”

L.J. Brock
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Upgrading the horsepower of an innovationcentric people function by operating HR as a productoriented profit center.”

Jon Kaplan
Vice President Human Resources
Discover Financial Services

LEAP: “Leveraging financial analytics to build a revolutionary & comprehensive education benefits program.”

Mark Bocianski
Vice President & Global Head of Talent Management & Learning
Western Union

LEAP: “Radically redefining & rethinking how we develop the leaders of tomorrow in financial services.”

Melanie Maddox
Vice President – Agile
Project-Based Organization, BBVA

LEAP: “Rewriting the rules on how we organize HR to be truly agile and ready for disruption.”

Michael Rory Katz
Vice President Human Resources & Head of Compensation

LEAP: “Rethinking recognition in the financial services business of the future to drive retention & reduce attrition.”

Namrata Yadav
Senior Vice President Diversity & Inclusion
Bank of America

LEAP: “Radically rethinking culture to attract, engage & retain vital, new top talent in financial services.”

Lorna Hagen
Chief People Officer
OnDeck Capital

LEAP: “Reimagining the role of the people function in the financial services business of the future.”

Neal Wendel
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Totally transforming how we develop our middle managers in financials services.”

Neville Bourke
Organization Change Specialist, formerly Head of HR, Retail Banking
Bank of Ireland

LEAP: “Driving employee engagement by calibrating company culture against stated values.”

Suzanne Dowd Zeller
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Fostering a culture of innovation and acceptance to totally transform the employer value proposition.”

Amy Anger
Vice President & Global Lead, CoE & Chief Culture Officer
Kelly OCG

LEAP: “Taking organizations beyond what they think they know and positioning them as talent leaders.”