Brian Hickey
Head of HR Strategy and Analytics

Jamie Kopsachilis
Chief Operating Officer & Head of HR Operations
Société Générale

LEAP: Inside a low cost, high impact digital approach to transform engagement in the financial services organization of the future

Mark Bocianski
Global Head of Talent & Learning
Western Union

Mark Reid
most recently Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: Challenging traditional thinking in financial services to create an agile, flexible workplace that transforms retention, delivery and bottom line impact

Jeff Hood
Executive Vice President Human Resources
Citizens Bank

LEAP: Accelerating the digital fitness of your workforce to build a faster, smarter, more future-focused financial services business from within

Luis Rojas
most recently Head of HR Strategy and Planning, Consumer Lending Group
Wells Fargo

LEAP: "Applying lessons learned from the front line of HR transformation in financial services."

Jacqueline Welch
Chief Human Resources Officer
Freddie Mac

LEAP: How to make innovation happen in a financial services institution where risk aversion is built into its DNA

Blanca Cofino
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: Inside the $6bn financial services start-up transforming an established player into a digital leader

Fatima Beach
Chief People Officer

LEAP: Replicating an award winning tech culture inside a financial services business which inspires brilliant people to join and want to stay

Peter Vultaggio
Head of Talent Management and Change Management
Silicon Valley Bank

LEAP: 10 vital levers to help you increase the change capacity of your organization and your people to prepare for a future financial services industry

Julia Kellogg
Chief People Officer
North American Bancard

LEAP: “Challenging traditional thinking in order to build a simpler, faster, more engaging financial technology company”

Tracey Abut
Head of People

LEAP: Reimagining the financial services workplace of the future to drive performance and win the battle for future digital talent

Wendy Mullen
Chief Human Resources Officer
First Manhattan Co.

LEAP: What lessons can large and small financial services firms learn from each other to allow them to transform HR impact?

Kate Etinger
Chief Human Resources Officer,
Bank Leumi

LEAP: Challenging traditional thinking to transform a long-established commercial bank into an engine of innovation, entrepreneurship and growth

Martin Wild
People Development Consultant

LEAP: "Rethinking leadership development to prepare the next generation of leaders for a financial services future we can’t yet see."

Nate McMahon
Vice President People Technology
Motley Fool

LEAP: The Fool’s Formula: How Motley Fool has built a smarter, faster business by breaking the embedded hierarchy of ideas

Angie Wilen
Head of HR Innovation
Freddie Mac

LEAP: How to make innovation happen in a financial services institution where risk aversion is built into its DNA

Cecilia Lee
Head of Talent Acquisition
AIG Life & Retirement

Kerri Faber
Vice President Human Resources

Laura Scherban
Global Head of Talent Acquisition
Brown Brothers Harriman

LEAP: Rethinking the way we build an inclusive workforce by offering flexible opportunities for underrepresented demographics

Michael Shipman
Vice President, Director Talent & Organizational Development
Rockland Trust

Wes Wu
Vice President Advisory Services

Natalie Baumgartner
Chief Workforce Scientist

Joy Henry
General Manager – Financial & Business Services

Sean Stowers
Director of Learning Services

Thomas G Lutz
VP Global Solutions, Finance, Insurance, Technology & Business Services

Gareth Pearce
Managing Director, LEAP HR
Hanson Wade