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How disruptive HR in Financial Services is delivering commercial impact now & leading agile businesses into a digital future.

Reinventing HR in the tech-centric, customer-oriented and data-driven financial services business of the future
Deployable people strategies proven to deliver HR impact and ensure HR operates as a business driven value center
Driving innovation and delivering dramatic bottom line impact with genuinely agile, high-value HR

LEAP HR: Financial Services is the only industry-specific forum where disruptive, senior HR leaders can challenge traditional thinking around how HR is done in the financial services business of the future. Take benefits of the received information for corporate finance homework help and better understanding of the processes.

We search the industry for those taking the boldest leaps and shine a critical light on how they made them happen, giving those who take part the unique chance to plug into an industry-specific network of HR innovators.

Join the highest-rated HR event in financial services in 2019 and become part of the a rapidly growing community of people leaders who leave this annual event energized, inspired and ready for action.
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“LEAP HR: Financial Services offers a rare – and increasingly vital – glimpse into what a future financial services workforce will look like, and gives us all a chance to create that future faster. Taking part may well be the best decision you make all year.”

- Jeff Hood, Executive Vice President Human Resources, Citizens Bank

“I took part in LEAP HR: Financial Services with my team and found the collaborative energy and the space we were given to consider (in real time) how we can apply the radical leaps we heard in our own business was absolutely priceless.”

- Tracey Abut, Head of People, OnDeck